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DIY Mould

Mould size approx 12cm x 6cm, steps approx 2.2cm x 3.5cm, drill approx 3cm x 2.2cm, nail approx 1.8cm x 0.6cm, Set square approx 1.6cm x 2.1cm, spanner 3.6cm x 1.4cm, saw 1 approx 3.5cm x 0.9cm, hammer approx 3.5cm x 2cm, paint brush approx 3cm x 0.8cm, screw driver approx 3.7cm x 0.6cm, saw 2 3cm x 1.6cm and paint tin approx 1.9cm x 2.7cm For use with marzipan, flower paste, sugarpaste, chocolate sugarpaste and melted chocolate Lightly dust with cornflour or lightly grease with trex or wilton cake release For best results put a small piece of paste in to the mould, be careful not to over fill, use a small rolling pin over the mould. Remove any excess with a blade tool rather than knife to prevent damage to the mould. Colour with edible dusts, edible food colouring and edible ink pens for fine details All moulds are produced using a silicone system specially formulated for use in the food and confectionary industry and complies to FDA (Food and Drugs Agency) regulations in the USA



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