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Rugby Player

Rugby Player 2.30

Rugby Player Height: 6cm
Male Bowls Player

Male Bowls Player 2.30

Male Bowls Player Height: 5.5cm
Cricket Player

Cricket Player 2.30

Cricket Player Height: 6.5cm
Male Golf Player

Male Golf Player 2.30

Male Golf Player Height: 7.5cm
Footballer's and Goal-posts

Footballer's and Goal-posts 2.99

Footballer's and Goal-posts
Football boots and Football

Football boots and Football 2.15

Football boots and Football
Rugby - 1

Rugby - 1 0.99

Rugby - 1 Approx height 4.5cm, width 1.5cm.
Rugby - 2

Rugby - 2 0.99

Rugby - 2 Approx height 3cm, width 3.5cm
Rugby - 3

Rugby - 3 0.99

Rugby - 3 Approx height 4.5cm, width 1.5cm.
Male Diver

Male Diver 0.99

Male Diver Approx height 4cm, width 2cm.
Female Diver

Female Diver 0.99

Female Diver. Approx height 4cm, width 2cm.
Male Runner

Male Runner 2.30

Male Runner Approx 6.5cm
Male Diver

Male Diver 2.30

Male Diver Approx 4.5cm
Female Diver

Female Diver 2.30

Female Diver Approx 5.5cm

Fisherman 2.30

Fisherman Approx 6.5cm
Female Jogger

Female Jogger 2.30

Female Jogger Approx 6cm high.
Cutie Footballer Red Shirt

Cutie Footballer Red Shirt 3.95

Cutie Footballer Red Shirt 7cm Tall
Cutie Footballer Blue Shirt

Cutie Footballer Blue Shirt 3.95

Cutie Footballer Blue Shirt 7cm Tall
Golf Club, Ball and Shoes

Golf Club, Ball and Shoes 4.15

Golf Club, Ball and Shoes Size guide Golf Club 6.5cm long

Fisherman 2.99

Claydough Fisherman Approx 8 cm tall
Ice Skater

Ice Skater 2.30

Ice Skater Approx 7cm Tall
Dart Player

Dart Player 2.30

Dart Player Approx 6cm tall
Snooker Player

Snooker Player 2.30

Snooker Player Approx 6.5cm Tall

Skier 2.30

Skier Approx 6.5cm

Hiker 2.30

Hiker Approx 6cm Tall
Claydough Golfer

Claydough Golfer 3.95

Claydough Golfer Approx 7cm 6cm
Female Golfer

Female Golfer 0.99

Female Golfer Approx 4.5cm Tall
Claydough Hiker

Claydough Hiker 4.55

Claydough Hiker
Claydough Lady Jogger

Claydough Lady Jogger 5.95

Claydough Lady Jogger
Claydough Male Jogger

Claydough Male Jogger 5.95

Claydough Male Jogger pprox 6.5cm Tall
Claydough Lady Hiker

Claydough Lady Hiker 5.95

Claydough Lady Hiker Approx 7cm tall
Claydough Photographer

Claydough Photographer 4.50

Claydough Photographer Approx 7.5cm Tall
Claydough Lady Cake Maker

Claydough Lady Cake Maker 4.50

Claydough Lady Cake Maker Approx 7cm Tall

Hunter 3.95

Hunter Approx 9cm Tall
Claydough Rocker

Claydough Rocker 4.45

Claydough Rocker Great for an instant cake topper, this non edible Rocker cake decoration is made from claydough.
Claydough Festival Girl

Claydough Festival Girl 4.45

Claydough Festival Girl is a great for an instant cake topper, this non edible cake decoration is made from claydough.
Claydough Party Girl

Claydough Party Girl 4.45

Claydough Party Girl is great for an easy topper to put on your cake.
Claydough Dancing Dad

Claydough Dancing Dad 4.45

Claydough Dancing Dad
Kitchen set

Kitchen set 5.99

8 Piece set Size guide egg in bowl 2.5cm Diameter

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