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Patchwork Books

Patchwork Book 1

Patchwork Book 1 6.00

Instructions for: Embossing, painting, brush embroidery, applique, decoupage, place settings, childrens's sweet containers. Examples of: Teddy, unicorn, church window, baby in basket, bells and bows, bride and groom.
Patchwork Book 2

Patchwork Book 2 6.00

Instruictions for: making a frame, plaques, place settings, sugar egg, collar pieces. Examples of:church, cottage, daffodil, carol singer,nativity,broderie anglaise,rose garland, rose and heart garland, lettering and numerals.
Patchwork Book 3

Patchwork Book 3 6.00

Instructions for: Free standing figures,quilting, floral board designs, plaque designs, confirmation cake, wedding cake top, lace pieces, frills, parasol and basket. Examples of: Bowler, ballerina, fisherman, motorbike, nursery set, wheelbarrow, santa/sleigh, poppies, dove of peace, orchid. lace pieces, broderie anglaise, alphabet.
Patchwork Book 5

Patchwork Book 5 6.00

Instructions for: Guitar cake, quilted side panels, full hearts, Christmas ideas, house, windows/doors/clouds, cross stitch, open book, embroidery for wedding cake, Olde English writing. Examples of: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, elephant set, mice/hedgehog set, fisherman, vintage car, small church, quilting embosser, Santa/sleigh, cottage, open books, embroidery embosser, Olde English Alphabet embosser.
Patchwork Book 6

Patchwork Book 6 6.00

Instructions for: Embossing and painting,name place settings, trellis, greenhouse, open book cake, brush embroidery, quilting, penguin cake, halloween cake, embroidery basket. Examples of:Blossom and leaf set, heart garland, place name 'A', place name 'B', trellis cutter, lily cutter, mini quilter, penguin set,Halloween set, basketweave embosser.
Patchwork Book 7

Patchwork Book 7 6.00

Instructions for: Dinosaurs, angels, shepherds, King cake, Mini Holly Ivy & Mistletoe cake, Make a cradle, Magnolia wedding cake, brush embroidery cake, Magnolia wedding cake, lace designs, Floral/thistle cake, rose wedding cake, Cooks cake, Fathers day, Make a church cake top, fuchsia cake, embossing for quick cakes, floral plaque, Mothers day. Examples of: Dinosaur set, Angel, Shepherd set, King, Mini holy ivy mistletoe cutter, make a cradle set,Magnolia and rose, Fuchsia and Lace set,thistle embosser, Poppy cutter,fruit and vegetable set, vegetable set, wheelbarrow, mini ivy cutter, Make a church cutter,name place cutter (church).
Patchwork Book 8

Patchwork Book 8 6.00

Instructions for: D.I.Y, Patchwork square technique, Teenage chequered cake, communion, poinsettia wedding cake, christmas puddings, Mary and Joseph,Bethlehem, Quick Christmas embossing, You're a Star, Flower picker, Diamond Wedding Cake, Diamond Side designs, Up, up and away, Thistle lace, Rose Garland Birthday/wedding cake, Celtic wedding, Celtic collars/lace. Examples of: D.I.Y Cutters,Patchwork squares,lace cutter,Communion cutter set,poinsettia-holly-ivy set, pudding cutters, easy twist alphabet cutters,Mary and Joseph cutter, shepherd set, Christmas rose corner cutter,Angel cutter, trellis cutter,diamond side embosser, mice and hedgehogs cutter,thistle side embosser, Celtic cutters.
Patchwork Book 9

Patchwork Book 9 6.00

Instructions for: Hydrangea cake, daisies, flower fairies, daisy silver wedding cake, tulip cake, Mother's day, lily cakes, Heart wedding cake, Rabbit easter egg, Christening cake, Farmer cake, Tractor cake, Fisherman/waterlily cake,Martial arts, Basket of Poinsettias/quick Christmas cake, baubles and bows, wedding/anniversary cake. Examples of: Spring set, Wild rose, leaves, Patchwork squares, lace, classic alphabet,daisy cutter set, dove of peace, reverse dove,rabbit/chick set, smocking embosser, Fisherman cutter, Tractor, sheep dog set, Bells baubles and bows set, water lily set, karate figure, D.I.Y. set, poinsettia-holly-ivy set.
Patchwork Book 10 - Special Edition

Patchwork Book 10 - Special Edition 6.50

Instructions for: Swan wedding cake, swans, Mothers day cake, butterfly cake, butterfly wedding cakes, painted butterflies and blossoms, Snowdrop wedding cake, snowdrop Christening, Snowdrop and robin Christmas cake, Rose Wedding cake, Embossed ribbon, cut work, Chef cake, Love you, Teddy cake, Rabbit Christening cake, Rabbit Hutch Cake, Horse cake, Fathers day, Novelty set, Party cakes, Merry Christmas, Xmas lanterns, Portion Christmas cake, 1st Birthday cake, Horseshoe wedding cake, Brocade cake, Wild Rose cake, General equipment, quantities and sizes. Examples of: Swan set, Butterfly cutter set,lace strip, blossom and leaf set, snowdrop cutters, classic alphabet,daisy cutter, Robin, patchwork square, D.I.Y set, fruit and vegetable set, Teddy, make a cradle, butterfly set, nursery set, baubles and bow set, teddy, vegetable set, rabbit set, horse set, patchwork squares, Santa, tree, snowman set, Christmas lantern cutters, Christmas rose corner, mini holly ivy set, horse set, spring set, small numbers, wild rose/bud/leaf embossers.
Embroidery and Lace with Patchwork Cutters Book

Embroidery and Lace with Patchwork Cutters Book 4.50

Instructions for: Embossing, Spacing, Lace Pieces, Equipment list. Pages 7-20 Examples of embroidered cakes (24 designs)
Patchwork Book 12

Patchwork Book 12 6.00

Instructions on: Quick roses, Rose/swags wedding cake, Lace/roses wedding cake, Clematis wedding cake, Black lace wedding cake, Ruby wedding cake, Sports/hobbies selection, Bags and shoes, Skateboarder, rocking horse-nursery cake, Baby lion, Baby's 1st Birthday, Thank you/Fantasy flowers, Reindeers, Peace, lettering, noel, lettering examples, Christmas rocking horse, Arum lily and cornelli. Examples of: Clematis set, embroidery set, music stave set, wild rose set, sports set, gardening set, shoes-bags and confetti set, skateboarder, mini quilter, rocking horse, embroidery set, nursery set, baby lion set, classic alphabet cutters, tubby alphabet, large numbers, daisy chain set, Spring set, Flower fairy set, reindeer cutter set, snowflake cutters, Christmas greetings set, Reverse dove cutter, Bells baubles and bows, Angel, shepherd set.
Patchwork Cutters Book 14

Patchwork Cutters Book 14 6.00

Patchwork Cutters Book 14 by Marion Frost
Patchwork Cutters Book 15

Patchwork Cutters Book 15 6.00

Patchwork Cutters Book 15 Contents: Gloral garland Wedding Cake, Swirls wedding Cake, Cats Wedding cke, Hearts Wedding Cake, Fantasy Flower Wedding Cake, Teddy & Drum, Footprints, To Mummy, Bootees, Wild Thing, Spaceman, Moon Cake, Card Cake, Christmas Trees, Christmas Box, Cats Chorus, Good Luck
Patchwork Cutters Book 16 by Marion Frost

Patchwork Cutters Book 16 by Marion Frost 6.00

Patchwork Cutters Book 16 by Marion Frost Brush Embroidery, Hearts and blosson, Fantasy Flowers, Entwined Roses, LOVE, Confirmation Cross, Storks and Babies, Teddy and Blocks, Extra Large Numbers, Teacher, Cupcakes, Christmas Trees, Christmas Greetings, Frosty the Snowman and Sleigh Rides
Wedding Cakes and Patchwork Cutters

Wedding Cakes and Patchwork Cutters 7.00

Wedding Cakes and Patchwork Cutters by Marion Frost
Patchwork Cutters Book 17

Patchwork Cutters Book 17 6.00

Patchwork Cutters Book 17
Patchwork Cutters Book 18

Patchwork Cutters Book 18 6.00

Patchwork Cutters Book 18
Patchwork Book 19

Patchwork Book 19 7.50

Patchwork Book 19

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